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Your Visit

On your first appointment we will ask about your current complaint and take a detailed case history, including past accidents, operations, and diseases. We will also ask about your lifestyle, for example, work, hobbies, physical and mental activities. Then you will be given a full medical and osteopathic examination. For this you may be asked to undress to your underwear and perform a simple series of movements. This enables us to assess your posture, mobility, muscle and nerve functions.

The osteopath will then use a highly developed sense of touch, to make an osteopathic diagnosis. We may need to ask for additional investigations, such as X-Ray - MRI or blood tests.

Then we will discuss and explain our findings and diagnoses and decide if your problem can be treated by osteopathy and, if so, we will give you our plan for the treatment, which will depend on the condition.

When attending the clinic, please bring all results of any previous investigations you may have had regarding the problem and a list of your current medication if any. Please bring an appropriate set of clothing such as shorts and T-shirt for examination.

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